About Us

Iota Delta Sorority was founded in 1988 at the University of La Verne in La Verne, California by twelve collegiate women who wanted a true sisterhood unlike any other. They wanted a place where they could truly be themselves. These twelve young women came together to establish the foundations of Iota Delta and their legacy continues to bring sisters together; even after twenty-five years.

Iota Delta has a reputation of strong leadership and scholastic achievement. Sisters have earned campus and community recognition for their efforts. Iota Delta prides itself on individuality and involvement. Sisters have found and pursued their interests in various clubs and organizations, as well as sports teams, the fine arts, and employment. In addition to leadership and involvement, Iota Delta is committed to community service and philanthropy.

The sisters of Iota Delta are all different, each bringing a different culture, background, and experience to the organization. Iota Delta incorporates each of these backgrounds into a unique and incomparable blend without losing the individuality of its one-of-a-kind members