Estrellia Guzman – Alpha Chi Pledge Class

“What is a sister? If you ask, a sister is “a female offspring having parent(s) in common with another offspring.” If you ask my mother or father what a sister is they would say, “something that you do not have.” Truth is, before joining Greek life I would have agreed with both of these answers. However now I would beg to differ.

What is a sister?

If you ask me, a sister is the girl who will be there for you through thick and thin, through heaven and hell. She is someone who you may not be related to, but at times it sure does feel like it. She is the girl you have inside jokes with and nicknames for boys with. A sister is the girl that you can run to at 3 in the morning with tears in your eyes and she will say, “I will drive the get away car”. A sister is the one who will push you to do better because she sees something in you that you cannot see in yourself. She is the girl who will TP your car at 1 in morning, and will be there to take pictures of you cleaning it at 11 in the morning. She is the girl who has a million blackmail pictures of you, but would never show anyone who is not a sister. In the end a sister is the girl who will never judge you, who will always forgive you, and who will always love you.

I don’t have a sister. However, Iota Delta gave me a Big Sis, the girl I call my role model, my Ohana, the one who is often acknowledged as my real sister. Iota Delta gave me my pledge sisters, the girls I went through six weeks of pledging with, the ones who stuck with me through thick and thin. Iota Delta gave me sisters who believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself. I never would have had a sister if it were not for Iota Delta, but now I have more than 400. Joining Greek Life gave me the sisters I never had, but most importantly Iota Delta gave me a family where I felt like I belonged. You may call my letters “I Triangle” but I call them home.”

Alina Sturgis – Alpha Chi Pledge Class

“Iota Delta, also read as “I-triangle”. There has never been a more perfect union of Greek letters, nor a more perfect order. Though these letters are often misunderstood from those who don’t understand what a privilege and honor it is to wear them, I wear these letters with pride. It’s true what they say about sororities: “From the outside looking in you can’t understand it, and from the inside looking out you can’t explain it.” Two years ago I was on the outside looking in to Iota Delta. I can still remember the first time I encountered the “I-Delts”. Let me paint you a little picture: they were Preview Day leaders and chairs, Orientation Week Leaders and coordinators, they were the girls who I aspired to be when I walked on the ULV campus. Little did I know, they were the girls who would show me what being a Leopard is all about. And now I can proudly say I am one of these girls; I am an I-Delt.

I-Delts are not what you would call “the typical sorority girls.” We are all so different and yet we blend together perfectly. More than just the varying differences in appearance and style, my sisters and I have such different personalities and interests. Just like the jeans in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Iota Delta is the force that keeps I-Delts together. We might not always get along, but that doesn’t mean we don’t try every day to make it work. With these letters in front of me, I know I have my sisters behind me.

From getting up early for philanthropy events, to going clubbing with a huge group of sisters, to eating in Davenport and talking about the week, to having a sister pick you up late at night when you need a ride, I-Delts stick together.

As a local organization that was founded 25 years ago here at ULV, I have had the privilege of talking to one of my founding mothers, and let me tell you… I got chills. Not to mention all the times that founding mothers “like” and comment on Facebook posts and pictures. Sorority really isn’t just four years, it is for life! From the founding mothers, a group of 12 very different young ladies who just wanted to find a place on campus that felt like home, to present day… the legend and dream of Iota Delta has not faded, but only grown stronger 400+ members later.

Iota Delta has a way of seeing each sister’s potential before she sees it herself. I have been pushed to do the things I had always wanted to do, but never had the courage to pursue, as well as been exposed to experiences I would have missed if I did not join this amazing organization. I am not saying Iota Delta is my whole life by any means. I am at ULV to go to school, I work two jobs, I spend time with family and I am just doing my best to make it by, just like everyone else; but Iota Delta is a part of my life that makes me smile and has helped me grow. It is hilarious and spontaneous, rewarding, and like nothing else I have been a part of. It is a learning process and a wealth of knowledge, a break from life and a big hug on a hard day. Overall, Iota Delta is family and will forever be a part of me, and I of it. In Iota Delta all I have to be is me, because being me is all they could ask for.”